Cars aren’t merely driving machines. Every model has its own unique personality, attitude, and quirks – often a reflection of the person behind the wheel. And cars don’t just take you places. They define a way of life.

Whether its safety above style or sporting genes you’re after, there’s always that one perfect car that personifies you and what you value the most.

From practical people-carriers to high-performing enthusiasts’ cars, here are some of the best makes and models for every driver:


Peerless technology, stunning looks, reliable motoring, impeccable handling and luxurious interiors – Audi has everything you could wish for in a car. It’s undeniably one of the best in the class, offering first-class materials, loads of high-tech standard features, and impressive seating comfort and space.

Mercedes Benz

You know when a carmaker has been around for ages, you can’t really lose. Every car that wears the Mercedes badge is a car of unbeatable performance, lust-worthy guise, and untainted sporting genes. Mercedes easily takes the top spot in luxury class.


Not your average “people’s car”. Volkswagen is another name for brilliantly engineered, sensibly styled, boundary-pushing driving machines. Even with equally genius upstarts in competition, Volkswagen remains high up on the ‘Desirables’ list.

Range Rover

A luxury car that will give you your money’s worth. The Range Rover is a superstar – agile, efficient and a pleasure to drive. It offers fluid steering, lavish interior (with executive seating option) and first-class equipment.


You want the ultimate driving machine, you have it in a BMW! This automaker delivers brilliant engineering and builds with beautiful styling and interiors to match. BMWs are also the vanguards in the supercar and electric car sectors.


Toyota cars aren’t always the best stunners, but they are absolutely some of the most reliable driving machines on the planet. Well-priced with fantastic build quality – that’s often hard to beat.


SEAT’s made a huge comeback, under the VW Group’s leadership, with a bunch of charismatic, impeccably engineered hatches. Definitely a winner in terms of build quality, fine looks and practicality.


Jaguar is a class leader in exceptional sports cars. Each model is dynamically pleasing and charismatic in its own right. Plus, Jaguar offers one of the best V8 petrol engines known to man.


When the situation gets tough, you know a Volvo won’t let you down. With an abundance of cutting-edge safety features and kick-proof solidity, a Volvo is one of the best cars to own. Its good looks and decent pace are a plus, too.

Alfa Romeo

Alfas are easily recognisable but nonetheless striking. With their flawless beauty and Ferrari-like motoring feel, these Italians are easy to love. These charming cars are as entertaining to behold as they are to take on the road.


Charming and capable, Citroen delivers epic value in its range of generally reliable people-carriers and sporty cars. Though not as striking as its peers, Citroen majors in strong engines, seating comfort and economical diesels.

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