The new Giulia is a sportier and sexier compact saloon from Alfa Romeo. With a brilliant mixture of stunning looks, excellent rear-drive handling, and impressive running costs, this Italian head-turner deserves your full attention.

Lease Giulia Alpha Romeo

Featuring a lightweight carbon-fibre trim, potent petrol and diesel powertrains, a luxurious sporty cabin, and 5-star Euro NCAP rated safety technology — what’s not to love about Giulia?

Available in five trim levels — the standard Giulia, Super, Tecnica, Speciale and the top-of-the-range Quadrifoglio – these Alfa cars will arrive November 2016 in the UK.

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Just like his Shakespearean counterpart, the ‘Romeo’ of the auto industry is bold, daring and sophisticated. This French-bred, Italian-enhanced car maker made its mark in the world of auto racing, beginning with the memorable HP 24 model that competed in the 1911 Targa Florio.

Although popular with the older set, Alfa Romeo cars have maintained an elite reputation that appeals to younger enthusiasts. With a powerful engine concealed its signature triangular grille, AR autos have that visceral appeal lacking in its German and Japanese counterparts. Truly it’s a ride that leaves all your senses heightened.

alfa romeo

A Storied Past

While Alfa Romeo cars are a showcase of Italian engineering, this auto manufacturer was formerly owned by a Frenchman. It all started in 1906 with Società Anonima Italiana Darracq (SAID), an organisation founded by Alexandre Darracq along with some Italian investors. Together, they built a factory in Portello, a district located on the outskirts of Milan. With slow sales, the Italian partners decided to take over production from the French parent company. The Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (ALFA) was officially formed on June 24, 1910.

The company would change hands a couple more times before being acquired by the Fiat Group in 1986. World War I brought all sorts of difficulties to the recently formed ALFA. On December 2, 1915, it was taken over by Nicola Romeo. The engineer and businessman got the 2,500 employees at the Portello factory busy filling orders of  motor-driven compressors and munitions made by the Italian military and its allies. The company would also be renamed to Alfa Romeo in 1920. The Torpedo 20-30 was the first car to be badged with the new name.

Post-war Italy found itself in a political, social and economic crisis. In 1921, Alfa Romeo’s main shareholder, Banco Nazionale di Sconto, collapsed. The government intervened and subsidized the company’s operations. A decade of technical innovation and sporting success. However, the Wall Street Crash of 1929 affected its growth. This time, the Italian State’s Institute for Industrial Reconstruction (IRI) stepped in. The IRI retained ownership of the mark until it was sold to the Fiat Group in November 1986.

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV

Love Affair with Auto Racing

Alfa Romeo has dabbled in building jets, military vehicles, and even aircraft engines. Still, it is a marque that is foremost associated with auto racing.

ALFA’s first foray into auto racing also took place a year after the company was founded. Italian automobile engineer Giuseppe Merosi to design new vehicles. The first non-Darracq car to be produced was the 1910 24 HP.  Two of these models were driven by Franchini and Ronzoni at the 1911 Targa Florio in Sicily. The mechanical components and driving performance of the 24 HP proved so popular that it was embraced by buyers.

While a favorite to win the 1911 race, the two ALFA cars were forced to withdraw due to a minor incident. The marque would return to the racing circuit two years later with a more powerful vehicle. The company had launched the 15-20 hp in 1912 and then came up with the 40-60 hp in 1913 and was used to compete in the Parma-Poggio Berceto hill climb. It came in second place.

Constant and consistent Innovation in the design and technology enabled the company to win more races than any other manufacturer  during the early 30s. Of course, it did not hurt that personalities like Enzo Ferrari have raced the Grand Prix Romeo. The young Italian was  instrumental in luring designer Vittorio Jano away from Fiat to work on the racing car P2.

Other noteworthy successes in the field of auto racing include:

1. Alfa 158 – 1950 World Championship with Farina as driver
2.  33 TT 12 – World Makes Championship in 1975
3. 33 SC 12 – World Sportscar Championship in 1977
4. Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI – DTM (German Touring Car Championship) in 1993
5. Alfa 156 Sports Saloon – 1998 Car of the Year

Memorable Models

Given its long association with sports vehicles, it’s not surprising that most of the memorable Alfa Romeos happen to be sports cars. For instance, the 159 Alfetta was a force to reckon with during Formula One races in the 50s.

Fast forward to today, modern versions of the famous Spider Coupe, the 4C, are available commercially. With a dry weight of 940 kilograms, it could very well be the lightest sportscar around. The marque also recently unveiled its sportiest saloon yet. The Giulia with its Ferrari-developed bi-turbo 3.0-litre V6 engine will be on sale in September 2016.


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