With its excellent range of well-made and stylish cars, BMW perches right at the top of the list for most desired car brand. That said, every BMW vehicle carries a first-class price to match its world-class make.

BMW is the definition of luxury motoring.

The Bavarian Motor Works (Bayerishe Motoren Werke) is one of the world’s best known and most respected automakers. And for good reason, BMW cars are specially designed with driver enjoyment and flawless performance in mind. Every model has its own distinct character, and many models feature rear-wheel drive which delivers impressive levels of handling.


BMW Origins

The company started out as an aircraft manufacturer way back in the early 1910s. These origins are reflected in BMW’s current logo, designed to represent white propeller blades set against a blue sky. The Germany-based company began producing the first BMW automobile, the Dixi, in 1928. The car proved to be a major hit, and its popularity paved the way for the company future success. After the Dixi, BMW produced its best known pre-World War II vehicle, the Type 328 roadster. It racked up more than 120 victories on the motorsport circuit, setting the foundation for post-war BMW cars designed for racing, rallying and hill climbing.

By the early 1950s, BMW introduced its sedan line-up. Through its commitment to developing new technology, the company produced one innovative car after another, such as the 502 – the world’s first light-alloy V8 – and the Isetta – the two-seat microcar with a robust 13-horsepower engine. It wasn’t until the 1970s that BMW became a full-fledged car company, pioneering a number of emerging technologies including advanced auto electronics and turbocharging. As the brand signified a passion for driving as well as financial success, it became the unofficial poster car of yuppies in the 1980s. This image obviously never faded as today BMW is one of the ‘Big 3’ of luxury car manufacturers. The brand carries so much prestige that the demand for their products remains high through the years.

The Ultimate Driving Machine


Anyone who wants to experience cutting-edge motoring in style will never go wrong with a BMW.

The company brags about the Ultimate Driving Machine, and that’s exactly what they deliver! Whether it’s an exec saloon or an SUV, expect peerless engineering, definitive build and some of the most innovative technology available in cars today. In every sector, BMW cars are designed to be the best and most brilliant. The guys at BMW definitely know how to push the envelope, often bringing forth new technology that other car makers incorporate into their own range.

There’s a BMW for everyone

From the compact and affordable 1-Series to the luxurious and high-tech 7-Series, BMW has something to offer for everyone.

The 1-Series, which is a brilliant premium hatch that offers great performance and eco credentials, is perfect for both keen drivers and economically minded. The 2-Series coupe, on the other hand, boasts the same excellent handling and controls but in a prettier guise. And then there’s the fuel efficient 5-Series, the complete compact 3-Series exec, and the beautifully made 4-Series and 6-Series that appeal to those who want the sportier body style.

Of course, in every range, there is a standout — the 7 Series executive saloon. It packs some advanced features in familiar styling and delivers comfort and economy like no other. The 7-Series is conveniently everything a driver could want from a car.

Innovation and economy in a BMW

The brand is best known for their impressive sports cars and saloons. But every now and then they throw in some innovative cars into their line-up.

In fact, BMW has built the best all-electric car in the market today – in the i3. They also did a fine job in the stunning i8, a futuristic petrol-electric hybrid supercar that’s made of carbon-fibre.

Meanwhile, their high performance cars which include the M-series such as M3, M4, M5 and the M6 offer superb engine flexibility, powerful turbos and charismatic body-styles.

When it comes to fuel economy, BMW cars have a reputation for reliability and efficiency. Many models feature EfficientDynamic engines that improve fuel economy and lessen CO2 emissions. Their flagship premium-line

SUV such as the X3/X4 not only boasts comfortable ride quality and plush interior but also eco-friendly emissions.

BMW’s roster is diverse, but all models share one thing in common: they provide the ultimate driving experience in luxury and style.

Want to Drive Away in a Brand New BMW?


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