Mercs are some of the most impressive cars to ever run on this planet. The Mercedes-Benz line-up offers the best of pretty much everything: impeccable looks, sporting genes and advanced technologies. Whether it’s a sedan or a coupe or an SUV, you can’t really lose.

Having the lowest vehicle recall rate, the Mercedes-Benz brand has become a byword for durability, quality and reliability. The German automaker even produced the ever so popular the 770 model, which Adolf Hitler have driven in the Nazi period in the 1930s. Knowing its rich history and solid reputation, it is easy to understand why Mercedes cars are so highly valued and appreciated throughout the ages.



Mercedes-Benz is a multinational division of the German automaker Daimler AG. It is one of the most respected automotive brands worldwide, recognized for its spectacular range of luxury vehicles as well as coaches, buses and trucks.

Since its inception, the company had maintained a reputation for its durability and quality. Mercedes-Benz promises “the best or nothing”, and it never failed to deliver just that. Well, what can we expect from the company that produced the world’s first petrol-powered automobile?


Mercedes-Benz offers a full range of passenger vehicles as well as light commercial and heavy commercial equipment. Its vehicles are manufactured in multiple countries all over the world.

In just about every segment, the Mercedes line-up lives up to their promise of  with some notably strong competitors. Whereas the A-Class offers familiar comfort and reliable performance in the compact sector, the B-Class offers agility and great driving experience in the family car segment. In addition, the CL and the C-class offer the style and finesse for keen drivers who enjoy their motoring.

The executive level G-class boasts outstanding off-roading talents. It is a solid and slightly muscular vehicle designed to endure lots of punishment. Meanwhile, those who enjoy sportier cars with excellent levels of handling and controls will find great delight in the impressive open-topped SLK.

The Mercedes range of SUVs offer luxury like no other, while its people carriers offer lots of space and practical features for a very comfortable ride. The executive level E-class which comes in a variety of body styles is also worth considering. Its plush interiors make it a comfortable place to be, especially for long drives.



The trademark recipe of a Mercedes is traditional and simple. The firm does away with flashy body styles and stays true to its signature classic styling. But what they lack in guise they more than make up for in the build, the engine power and the driving experience.

Prestige comes in the shape of Merc’s flag bearer, the famous SL line. Despite it being over six decades old, the firm continues to bring forth some worthy roadsters to keep up the tradition of effortless waft with a low-key visual impact.

The latest V6 SL 350 represents a brilliant marriage of tradition and innovation. It keeps the classic design: two seats, folding metal hard-top, front engine and rear-wheel drive, but it also shocks with an all-new aluminium construction. The result is a dramatically lighter-weight, faster and more efficient driving machine with a handsome styling to impress with.

Mercedes also has some environment-friendly cars in the range, including the F-cell fuel cell vehicle and the SLS AMG E-Cell, which is a fully electric version of the SLS sports car. Alongside these models, the company produced the first automotive hybrid to use a lithium-ion battery, the Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHYBRID.

With its futuristic Elektrobay recharging units, the company gears for a widespread uptake of its electric vehicles mainly in the UK.


The Mercedes line-up is some of the best performers with advanced premium equipment the world has seen. These prestige cars are great to drive and offer a high level of solidity on and off the road.

The German firm produces a wide range of refined cars designed to meet different motoring needs and preferences, from the compact A-Class which is a fantastic entry into the world of Mercedes ownership, to the prestige S-Class which sets the benchmark for luxury motoring for its segment. Mercedes-Benz also has its own range of powerful cars including the AMG GT sports car and the SLS AMG, a top-of-the-range supercar that is the epitome of everything Mercedes does well.



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