From the iconic brand that delivers unmatched luxury and off-road abilities, the Range Rover is a worthy flagbearer for Land Rover. Land Rover is one of the several car manufacturers owned by the Indian multinational conglomerate, the Tata Group.

True to its slogan, the Land Rover/Range Rover line-up is indeed the “best 4×4 by far.” It is considered by many motoring experts as one of the best off-roader in the world. And now with the latest iteration, it might as well become the best luxury car in the world as well. The Range Rover is fast becoming a favourite among the chauffeured rich and famous.



The Range Rover offers the luxury of a Bentley with the muscles of a tractor. This brilliant combination easily makes it one of the best luxury vehicles money can buy.

The successful upmarket branding of the Range Rover does not solely lend to genius marketing. Promising the best 4×4 drive, Land Rover really does live up to the hype. It’s set the bar high for off-roaders with its line of sturdy, well-made vehicles that are built to endure and deal with the roughest of conditions. These British-made luxury SUVs are in demand the world over.

It’s easy to understand the growing popularity of the new Range Rover. What more could you want from a car that runs with the competence of a limo and the solidity of a driving machine built to take care of everything with minimal fuss?

With cutting-edge software, the Range Rover has the smarts to power its muscles. It proudly wears that “can go anywhere” attitude and performs. Set the Terrain Response II feature in auto, and you can cross rivers, traverse the roughest terrains and even climb mountains – without feeling any stress!


With the increasing number of Range Rovers being driven by celebrities and sports stars, Land Rover has designed its line-up to satisfy the demand.

Not only does the Range Rover boast impressive off-road abilities, it also has a plush interior suited for relaxed driving. Its excellent specification include bigger rear door openings, executive class seating option, various multimedia options, a smarter dashboard and flawless fit’n’finish. It is, as the firm calls it, ‘the pinnacle of refined capability’.



The first Range Rover was introduced in the 1970s and was exhibited in Paris’ Musee du Louvre as an “exemplary work of industrial design”. The Range Rover Classic, as we now call the first-generation RR, was not primarily designed as a luxury vehicle. But due to its tough build and reliability, it served as the base for specialist utility vehicles such as the Carmichaels International Fire Tender.

The second-generation Range Rover came out 25 years later, boasting the first diesel injection with electronic controls. The new model featured premium trims, more equipment and the option of a 2.5 litre BMW six-cylinder turbo diesel with a Bosch injection pump. Being the first model to feature Satellite Navigation in a Land Rover, the Range Rover positioned the brand well ahead of its competition in the SUV marketplace.

Developed under BMW ownership, the third-generation RR shares the components and systems with the 7-Series, moving it further up-market.

The fourth-gen codenamed L405 is a full-sized SUV with 8-speed automatic transmission and all-aluminium monocoque body – a first for a SUV. In short, it’s bigger but lighter (by up to 420 kgs!). Not mention, it is faster and better to drive with a more efficient 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine.


For those who want a great SUV, Land Rover also has something in the line-up for you – the hugely successful Evoque. This 4×4 offers incredible performance and style, and rides like a Range Rover should. Many consider the Evoque as a baby cross-over Rangie or the Range Rover for fashionistas. Available in a three-door coupe and a more practical five-door variant, this is a very well-rounded machine.

Meanwhile, there’s the Range Rover Sport for those who want to enjoy an ace cruiser. With a nod to its predecessor, the Sport is built with supercar performance and oozes sophistication and class, making it the car of choice for the rich and famous. No other SUV offers a brilliant combination of speed and off-road ability. The Sport is in fact the best selling model of all Land Rover products.

Also in the range is the peerless Defender offering unrivalled build quality and impressive levels of handling, as well as the Discovery and Discovery, which has built Land Rover’s long-held reputation for tough handling and longevity.

Essentially, the performance-focused Land Rover line-up is a brilliant collection of well-made vehicles that stack up across the board.



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