Toyota is a Japanese automaker with a solid reputation for reliability and durability. For drivers who want a vehicle that will stand the test of time, the Toyota marque is a very compelling choice.

Prices for Toyota cars are typically high, but the economy and driving pleasure you get is well worth it. Not to mention these cars are among the most refined and well-designed the world has seen so far.

Well, Toyota is not the world’s largest car manufacturer for nothing – the company injects hard-to-beat technology into an extensive range that offers something for everyone.

A black Toyota Land Cruiser on the road

The Toyota Chronicles

Originating from Japan, Toyota Motors Co. took its roots in the automotive industry in 1935 when founder Kiichiro Toyoda unveiled his first prototype, the A1. Toyota is obviously a variation of the name Toyoda.

Throughout the ‘40s, the company launched passenger cars and a pickup model, producing more than 100,000 vehicles by the end of the decade. Toyota’s production started to pick up after the World War II. The automaker went from making 8,500 cars in a year to 600,000 in just a span of a decade (1955 – 1965).

In the same decade, Toyota expanded its roster with a line up of new small cars and unveiled the BJ truck, which was the precursor to the wildly successful Land Cruiser. Before the decade closed, the company commenced exports to the U.S. and made history by selling the first ever Japanese car (the Crown) in the States.

It was in the ‘60s that the immensely popular Toyota Corolla made waves in the market, further fuelling the success of the emerging juggernaut. The company also launched the HiAce, MiniAce, the 2000GT and the Publica in its home market. At the end of the decade, it sold 1 million units domestically and another 1 million in cumulative exports.

Despite the oil crisis in the ‘70s, Toyota stayed afloat thanks to its compact, fuel efficient models. In the succeeding decade, the automaker earned more kudos for its well-loved Camry sedan which was the best-selling car in America for years.

The ‘90s saw even more expansion in the SUV sector as well as the introduction of cutting edge technology in the Prius, the world’s first mass-produced hybrid. Despite the growing number of competitors, Toyota cars remain class-leading until today.

Three Toyota Hybrid cars

Extensive Lineup

Toyota produces a slew of refined and well-designed vehicles in most every shape and size, from small hatchbacks to mid-sized sedans, SUVs, sports cars, people carriers, off-road wagons, utes and even light commercial vehicles.

The company’s extensive range includes the 86, Aurion, Aygo, Camry, Corolla, HiAce, HiLux, Kluger, LandCruiser, Prado, Prius, RAV4, Rukus, Tarago and Yaris. Many variants are available with petrol-electric hybrid drivetrains, manual or automatic transmissions, and petrol or diesel engines.

A Tasteful Balance of Power and Performance

Toyota is not one to try radical designs or to experiment with new guises. But it does what it does best time and again – ensuring driver enjoyment through impeccable performance and dependability on the road.

For SUV lovers, the sensibility and decent economy of the RAV4 works a treat. Meanwhile, outback lovers will definitely love the off-road supremacy of the Land Cruiser. Nothing will get you as far into and out of the most treacherous terrains and unforgiving environments than a Toyota 4×4.

For anyone looking for a compact that’s bombproof quality, Toyota offers a reliable supermini in Yaris.

For its rear-drive coupe line, the firm demonstrated how to do fun with the GT86 – a dynamically impressive sports car that rides beautifully. It boasts of a wonderfully balanced flat four engine paired with a masterfully good electric power steering – a sweet treat for any sports car enthusiast!

The Avensis is a fantastic bet for mid-sized cars – reliable, reasonable fuel efficient, well built and well equipped. It easily irons out the bumps on motorways and feels as good as it looks.

Energy Savings and Economy

Toyota’s hybrid Prius range was and continues to be a business phenomenon. While it is no longer the eco-darling it used to be, it still is among the best when it comes to energy savings.

And given that its competitors don’t offer the same electro-torque. You got to love its high-geared, superfast steering and ever reliable regenerative brakes.

As for the family sedan class, the Camry is hard to beat. Its total sales figures say so. This hybrid car switches from petrol power to battery power seamlessly and builds up speed effortlessly. Plus, its interior is stretch-out spacious with chunky controls and switches that are easy to figure out.

Sure there are many stylish and powerful cars rolling around, but the Toyota brand remains extremely popular among savvy customers who value quality and dependability above all else.

Metallic brown Toyota Rav4 Premium

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