Swedish-born Volvo has built a reputation on safety above style, although it recently made improvements in style and performances. Many of its vehicles feature advanced technology systems that slow down the car intuitively if they detect any obstruction.

Volvo is indeed an exceptional choice for families thanks to its safety features and breezeblock aerodynamics. But its appeal doesn’t end there. Much of its range will delight serious drivers and motoring enthusiasts as well. The combination of impressive performance, top-range technology and good pricing makes it a top choice for anyone.

Driving a Volvo is driving in confidence and style.

A red Volvo V40 on the road

The Volvo Legacy

Volvo has been a frontrunner in safety research, and every vehicle it rolls out comes with a crash test score to prove it. The Swedish brand has a noble ambition to eliminate fatalities or injuries in a Volvo car by 2020, and it’s not too far off in realising this goal.

The company has been around since 1927, but it wasn’t until after the World War II that it made a name for itself with the successful PV444. In the same decade, Volvo manufactured the first vehicles to have a three-point safety belt.

The 1960s saw a growing number of advanced safety features such as padded dashboards and front and rear energy-resistant crumple zones. The Volvo sports car P1800, which earned the brand its celebrity status, was launched in the same decade.

By the ‘70s, Volvo has already distinguished itself as the exclusive manufacturer of a number of safety features including childproof locks, rear-facing child seats and collapsible steering columns.

Up until today, the company owns the title for being the vanguard in the area of safety.

Impressive Range with a Bit of Everything

While its focus remains on safety, Volvo has also demonstrated its technological know-how in terms of handling and performance. Its impressive range of turbocharged and stylish cars speaks for that.

For one, Volvo offers generous amounts of style and performance in the S60, an executive saloon that is meant to rival sporty alternatives from Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Although it’s more comfortable than sporty, the Volvo S60 is a strong contender in its class. It looks sleek and beautiful on the outside and drives better than any of its predecessors. Plus it’s well equipped and priced competitively.

The Volvo V60 is another class standout. This executive saloon looks stylish both inside and out, with a versatile boot to sweeten the pot. It’s a practical choice given it’s well equipped and comfortable.

For drivers who love challenging terrains, Volvo offers some reliable off-road vehicles. There’s the XC70 which is a good match for the Audi A6 when driven in hostile environments. It’s a four-wheel drive that features jacked-up suspension and rugged bodykit. Plus it has an enormous boot that can swallow pretty much anything you throw into it.

Another great off-roader is the Volvo XC90. It looks and feels like an upmarket SUV with excellent safety credentials. It’s a superb family all-rounder that can very well compete with any of the big SUVs around, including the Audi Q7, Land Rover Discovery and Mercedes GLE.

A silver Volvo

World-Class Safety Features

Volvo demonstrates how safety is done with its IntelliSafe technologies, which provides layers of protection. First, they offer support while driving. Second, they help prevent accident. Lastly, and more importantly, they protect you if an accident does occur.

These advanced technologies include the Adaptive Cruise Control, which automatically maintains a safe distance from vehicle in front, and the Pilot Assist feature, which keeps you stay in lane. The ingenious City Safety technology acts as a co-pilot that detects danger ahead, gives ample warning and prepares the brakes for a quick response.

Many Volvo vehicles are also equipped with a 360-degree Surround View, Driver Alert Control, Blind Spot Information System, Lane Keeping Aid, Parking Assist Pilot and Rest Stop Guidance, among many other safety features.

All these innovative features make Volvo a great vehicle to move a family around.

Fuel Efficiency and Economy in a Volvo

A number if Volvo models are available in economical variants. For one, the Volvo S80 not only comes in a five-cylinder diesel luxury model but also in the more economical DRIVe model.

The Volvo XC60 also has its DRIVe version, an impressive front-wheel drive that returns 47.1mpg. The V60 Plug-in is as green as a car can get, delivering impressive pace and economy. The XC90 has a choice of petrol, diesel and hybrid engines as well.

Volvo is currently experimenting on a slew of new small cars that designed on a smaller and more cost-efficient platform called the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA). These are designed with hybrid and full-EV applications.

A metallic blue Volvo V40

Want to Drive Away in a Brand New Volvo?

With their ample safety features, impressive dynamics and fair styling, Volvo cars are a worthy option for any new driver. Whatever Volvo model suits your taste and motoring requirements, PJ Leasing can help you get the best finance deal for it!

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