Volkswagen is the top-selling and namesake marque of the world’s second largest car manufacturer, the Volkswagen Group. German automaker has been responsible for setting the benchmark for build and engineering standards of ordinary cars.

Among automobile manufacturers, VW has the most car models to span multiple revisions and decades of production. The all-popular and well-loved Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Beetle and Volkswagen Passat have been around for generations. These three classics are in fact listed in the 24/7 Wall St’s Top 10 List of Best-Selling Cars of All Time.

VW cars are also have some of the best technologies for safety and reliability on the road.



Volkswagen is the German translation of “People’s Automobile”. Its roots began in the 1930s when a group of labour saw the potential for a car that appealed to the masses. At the time, the auto industry was largely composed of luxury cars and the average German could rarely afford an automobile.

The first VW was designed by Ferdinand Porsche, a well-known designer for race cars and high-end vehicles. He wanted to build a small car suitable for a family, a “People’s Car” so to speak. Porsche put together a model with a torsion car suspension, air-cooled rear engine and a “beetle” shape (for better aerodynamics), which he called the “Volksauto”. His design was later funded by Adolf Hitler, who wanted his German people to have the same access to a car as the Americans.

Today, most VW vehicles still bear the trademark beetle shape but with modern features and innovative smarts to boast.


Stylish exterior. Solid build. Powerful engine. Precision. Economy and affordability. VW cars deliver on all counts.

Every model has its own appeal, but all VW cars come with upscale amenities and sophisticated details that take the entire driving experience up a notch. The sweet thing is every VW driver gets to enjoy luxury with no splurging involved.



VW offers not much variety, although its cars are built to be the best in every segment. The world-renowned automaker produces pretty much one of the same design each year. But with each revision, you can expect better build, a more handsome guise and smarter features. True to its name, the maker of the “People’s Car” has something for everyone. Its class-leading Golf model is hard to beat and, for many motoring experts, sets the bar for hatches. With its versatility, impressive craftsmanship and turbocharged performance, the VW Golf is everything a hatchback should be. There is also the larger and more practical Golf SV, the stylish and revved up Golf GTI, and the sophisticated, dynamically flawless Golf R in the line-up. Those who want sophistication and style without the heavy price tag can find their match in the CC, VW’s sleek sports coupe. Meanwhile those who want premium performance in a beautiful packaging will love what the compact Jetta sedan can offer. The e-Golf is a convincing and promising electric car that makes VW a strong contender in this segment.  And of course, there is the iconic Beetle. This sporty VW is a class of its own, boasting tech-savvy advancements to match its impeccable performance. Like wine, this well-loved classic gets better with time.


VW has an excellent range of reliable vehicles to carry a family in comfort and style, such as the Sharan and Touran. If you want a well-made but more compact car, then the Polo is worth considering.
Anyone who’s after excellent handling and low running costs will be impressed by the Passat cars in both the estate and saloon variants. With its automatic climate control, heated seats, revolutionary touchscreen connectivity, turbocharged engine and innovative Driver Assistance features, the Passat delivers the ultimate comfort and driving experience the entire family will love. VW also has some great off-road models perfect for travelling easily over rough surfaces – in the Alltrack.

The German auto manufacturer also produces some of the best MPVs and campervans, which are a favourite for adventure-loving British buyers. If you have a need for speed in a modish setting, then the Scirocco camper van is for you. The Caravelle and Eos are also great contenders in this segment.

Meanwhile, the Caddy Maxi and the Caddy Liffe are both great choices in the small van sector. These particular models offer good cabin space and reliable performance, making them excellent and well-priced contenders to a MPV.



Whether you want the refined Beetle or the classy Golf cabriolet or the incredible Phaeton limousine, it is hard to go wrong with a vehicle that has the Volkswagen marque.

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